For all Club Secretaries

Club Roles & Responsibilities Before During & After A Match

27 Aug, 2014

Dear All

There are 1-2 small changes for the upcoming season the most important being the system the league now deals with match report forms. Please read below as to what is required in the running of your club and avoid unnecessary fines.

Please pass this on to the people running your teams.

Stationary & Documentation

All documents that you will need are available for download on the website here:

Registration forms

Completed registration forms (and that includes date of birth and postcodes) should be sent to the registrar. Incorrect forms will be returned and the player’s registration not accepted until the correct details are on the form.

Notifying your opponents & Officials

Your opponents and the match officials will not just turn up at your ground unless you tell them and you need to tell them at the beginning of the week, not at the end. Your opponents need to move at least 11 players and their manager to your ground. They need to know what’s going on so they can plan in advance! Your match official(s) also need to know.

To clubs who have found out on the Monday that the appointed official is unavailable, It’s no good bleating to us on a Friday that the match official is unavailable. Let Jimmy Johnson know as early as possible so he can appoint another.

If you are the home team, phone or text your opponents and confirm the fixture. Make sure your opponents know where you are playing & what colours you will be playing in, the away team always changes. Players must not wear black this colour is for referees only. (If you want to be a referee, contact Jimmy Johnson) If you are contacted by text or email please send an acknowledgement that you have received the message.

Match Day

Clubs must exchange team sheets with their opponents BEFORE kick-off, they should then be emailed together with your match report form to the registrar to arrive within 72 hours of the match taking place (see the next section below on how to do this). The team sheet and match report form should show the same players and substitutes when checked by the registrar (Please remember to show whether substitutes were used or not). Don’t forget to pay the officials.

Results & Match Reports

For results the relevant nominees you have provided on the agreement form will be sent a text on match days to their phone numbers you have given, all they need to do is reply to the text message always starting the text with the score and then your scorers like so:- 2-2 SMITH JONES this will automatically update the scores and the league tables on the Football Association Full Time website and then onto this website.

The nominees you have provided to email the registrar your match reports need to read the following on how to do this: All match reports must be emailed to the registrar within 72 hours of the completion of any fixture and these details will then be entered onto the Football Association Full Time website and then onto this website.

Pete Jordan then sends a report to all local newspapers, if you would like to add any additional information about the game please contact Pete Jordan 01977 642524

All the aforementioned, if followed correctly will allow the smooth running of the League, fines will be imposed upon clubs who fail to follow these simple rules. The season will kick-off on Saturday 6th September 2014, To all clubs: have a good season and remember the officers are here to help wherever they can. Their contact details can be found under the 'About Us' tab at the top of the website.

Please note that once the Registration Secretary has checked your input against the paperwork for a game and OK'd it then you will no longer be able to change anything for that game.

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