2. (A) This Competition shall consist of not more than 48 Clubs approved by the Sanctioning Authority.
(B) All Clubs must be affiliated to an Affiliated Association and their names and particulars shall be returned annually by the appointed date on the Form “D” to their relevant County Football Association and must have a constitution approved by the Sanctioning Authority.
This Competition shall apply annually for sanction to the Sheffield & Hallamshire County Football Association(s) and the constituent teams of Member Clubs may be grouped in divisions, each not exceeding 18 in number.
(C) Only one team shall be permitted from any Club to participate in the same division as another team from the same Club unless there is no viable alternative because of logistical issues and/or reasons linked to participation and geographical boundaries. The Competition will obtain the prior approval of the Sanctioning Authority in the event of a division comprising of more than one team from the same Club. This Competition will ensure that, where permission is given, teams from a Club operating in the same division are run as separate entities with no interchange of players other than via transfers of registration in accordance with these Rules.
(D) Inclusivity and Non-discrimination
(i) The Competition and each Club must be committed to promoting inclusivity and to eliminating all forms of discrimination
(ii) Any alleged breach of the Equality Act 2010 legislation must be referred to the appropriate Sanctioning Authority for investigation.
(E) Clubs must comply with the provisions of any initiatives of The FA which are adopted by the Competition including, but not limited to, Charter Standard and RESPECT programmes.
(F) Clubs shall not enter any of their teams playing in the Competition in any other Competitions (with the exception of FA and County FA Competitions) except with the written consent of the Management Committee.
(G) At the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose, a majority of the delegates present shall have power to decide or adjust the constitution of the divisions at their discretion. When necessary this Rule shall take precedence over Rule 12.

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1. Definitions DEFINITIONS 1.(A)In these Rules: “Affiliated Association” means an Association accorded the st
3. Entry Fee, Subscription, Deposit 3.(A)Applications by Clubs for admission to the Competition or the entry of an additional team(s) fr

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