3. (A) Applications by Clubs for admission to the Competition or the entry of an additional team(s) from the same Club must be made in writing to the Secretary by 31st of May and Entry Fees set out in the Fees Tariff must be returned to the league treasurer by 31st July which shall be returned in the event of non-election.
At the discretion of a majority of the accredited voting members present applications, of which due notice has been given, may be received at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting.
When Rule 12(B) is applied or a team seeks a transfer or, is compulsorily transferred to another division, no Entry Fee shall be payable.
(B) (i)The entry fee shall be £85 for charter standard Club/team and £135 for non-charter standard Club/team payable on or before the 31st July each year. The £50 additional charge to non-charter standard clubs will be returned to any club that achieves charter standard status that season.
(ii) Each Club shall on the day of election pay a fixture deposit of £50 which shall be returnable to Clubs on leaving the Competition provided they have fulfilled their fixtures and complied with all orders of the Management Committee.
(C) In the event of any issue concerning the membership of any Club with the Competition the Management Committee may require a Deposit to be paid by or on behalf of the Club on such terms and for such period as it may in its entire discretion think fit.
(D) A Club shall not participate in this Competition until the Entry Fee, Annual Subscription and Deposit (if required) have been paid.
(E) Clubs must advise annually to the Secretary in writing by 31st July of its Sanctioning Authority affiliation number for the forthcoming Season. Clubs must advise the Secretary in writing, or on the prescribed form, of details of its Headquarters, Officers and any other information required by the Competition.

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2. Nomenclature & Constitution 2.(A)This Competition shall consist of not more than 48 Clubs approved by the Sanctioning Authority.
4. Management, Nomination, Election 4.(A)The Management Committee shall comprise the Officers of the Competition and ordinary members wh

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