7. The Chairman and the Secretary of each Club which is an unincorporated Association and two directors of each Club which is an incorporated entity shall complete and sign the following agreement which shall be deposited with the Competition together with the Application for Membership for the coming season, or upon indicating that the Club intends to compete.
_______________________ of _________________________(Chairman) and
______________________ of _________________________(Secretary)
of the _________________________________Football Club have been provided with a copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Doncaster & District Senior Football League Competition and do hereby agree for and on behalf of the said Club to conform to those Rules and Regulations and to accept, abide by and implement the decisions of the Management Committee of the Competition, subject to the right of appeal in accordance with Rule 16."
Any alteration of the Chairman and /or Secretary on the above Agreement must be notified to the County Football Association(s) to which the Club is affiliated and to the Secretary of the Competition.

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6. Annual General Meeting 6.(A)The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 30th June in each year. At this meetin
8. Qualification Of Players 8.(A) (i) Contract players are not permitted in this Competition with the exception of those Players

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