9. (A) Every Club must register the colour of its shirts and shorts with the Secretary by 31st July who shall decide as to their suitability.
Goalkeepers must wear colours which distinguish them from all other players and the match officials.
No player, including the goalkeeper, shall be permitted to wear black or very dark shirts.
Any team not being able to play in its normal colours as registered with the Competition shall notify its opponents the colours in which they will play (including the colour of the goalkeepers jersey) at least 7 days before the match.
If, in the opinion of the referee, two Clubs have the same or similar colours, the away/home team shall make the change. A club must not delay the scheduled time of kick off for a competition match by not having a change of colours. Shirts must be numbered.
(B) Any Club wishing to change its name must obtain permission from the Sanctioning Authority and from the Management Committee. Any Club wishing to change its colours during the Playing Season must obtain permission from the Management Committee.

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8. Qualification Of Players 8.(A) (i) Contract players are not permitted in this Competition with the exception of those Players
10. Playing Season. Conditions Of Play, Times Of Kick-Off. Postponements. Substitues 10.(A)The Annual General Meeting shall determine the date for the commencement of the season. (B)Al

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